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This policy will be adhered to with the exception of the provisions governed by Indian Preference. The Appellate Court has heard a relatively small number of cases over the last several years, however, Appellate Justices are expected to be available year-round and be able to preside over oral argument hearings at the Tribal Court located on the Prairie Island Indian Reservation.

In compliance with the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Affairs under Section 7(b)Public Law 93-638, the Prairie Island Indian Community, Indian preference applies for all employment vacancies. The terms and compensation for this position will be set forth in the negotiated agreement between the candidate and the Tribe.

Pristine beaches ripe for dumping your cooler of cheap lager!

), but it also boasts plenty to do now that you're an adult and attempting to impress someone not wearing an airbrushed tank.

Management reserves the right to require the use of approved security at the expense of the Permit Holder at any event where alcohol is served or at any event where Management feels it is appropriate.

___________________________________________________________ Weekend & Labor Day Service Beginning at 7 am(Running approximately every 1/2 hour) South West Station Hwy 212 & Prairie Center Dr - Eden Prairie South West Village Hwy 212 & Hwy 101 - Chanhassen East Creek Station Hwy 212 & Hwy 41 - Chaska *No service from Carver Station or Chanhassen Transit Station Exact change only, please! Presale adult tickets are only /round-trip from August 1 to August 18!

Weekday Service: Beginning at 8 am(Running approximately every 1/2 hour) Wooddale Church6630 Shady Oak Rd - Eden Prairie *No weekday service from South West Transit park-and-ride locations.

Weekend trips are great, but they can also be a hassle to plan.

So to save you the pain of pouring over Fodor's and Expedia, we picked out a romantic rendezvous point in every state in America.

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