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They weren't even a proper band, really - only Liam Howlett played any actual instruments, and most of the time he preferred messing around with samples, that currency so debased in the eyes of a certain kind of puritan that it barely qualifies as "real" music.Prior to The Fat Of The Land, with the exception of one track (Maxim Reality supplied vocals on 'Poison'), three quarters of the line-up did nothing on the records, and even after its release, one member was "just a dancer" - hellfire, at least Bez played the maracas.By the age of 14, Harries, whose family had already been subject to abuse because of their unusual child, suffered depression and agoraphobia, which led to a nervous breakdown and suicide attempt.In the recession of the early 1990s, the family's businesses failed.Their entire career has been, in essence, one long big two-finger gesture - like the one being made by the crab on the last-minute-decision album sleeve - aimed at whoever is satisfied by mediocrity and consensus, every move taken as much because of who it'll piss off (and how much) as because it's the right thing for the group to do in and of itself.Pretty much everything about The Prodigy was wrong, at least as far as certain elements of pop's chattering classes were concerned back then.Angus Batey recalls an encounter with the reluctant biggest band in the land, and examines their nonconformist legacy History tells us that 1997 was the year Britpop went mainstream: when Noel got invited to Downing Street and all things "alternative" completed a ram-raid of popular culture.Yet the biggest British album of the year - the one that truly captured the world's attention, as well as dominating the summer's charts, if not quite topping the year-end sales figures - wasn't released by bullish northerners or enigmatic experimenters, but a four-piece from perennially unfashionable Essex who didn't look, think or behave like a "proper" band, who viewed appearing on Top Of The Pops as selling out never mind accepting an invitation to No 10, and who didn't operate on the margins so much as between the cracks of a music world that preferred it when artists fitted neatly into rigid and pre-defined categories.

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