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Transas TX-97 Electronic Vector Charts are produced from paper chart data published by all the major national Hydrographic Offices worldwide, all digitized with the highest quality and great level of accuracy.

The digitizing process fully complies with the international quality standards set out by ISO-2000: 9001.

A course booking provides you with a three week time frame to complete the course, repeating Modules where necessary, and to use the "Free Play" Mode, which allows you to practice freely on the manufacturer's original, type-approved, software.

These companies offer their cartography on memory cards for plotters and each sell their own i Pad and Android tablet apps, which are much cheaper.

In response to this, Transas Marine introduces a new version of its fleet SSAS and tracking service Fleet View Online 3.11.

Fleet View Online 3.11 offers its users three alternatives for electronic charts presentation; Transas Marine proven TX-97 charts with worldwide coverage, Open Steet Maps land charts and any charts provided by Web Map Service.

New version of Transas Marine Fleet View Online 3.11 SSAS and Tracking service.

In today’s world economy, fleet management becomes more and more essential where information is a key.

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